Withdrawal, Suspension, Readmission

Sometimes students need to take a semester or even a year off at some point during their studies.

In most cases, this is a voluntary withdrawal—a student is feeling unmotivated to pursue academics for a period of time or is struggling with a personal issue that needs their full attention. You must notify the Registrar’s Office of your intention to withdraw for a semester (or longer), and you should contact the Student Development Office also. The Registrar’s Office can give you further instruction about your intended return.

Occasionally, students experience challenges that compromise their ability to function in a healthy manner on campus. When students are unable to function safely and effectively in our academic and residential environment, we may support their voluntary withdrawal or, in very rare cases, enact an involuntary withdrawal. Students must address the issue of concern with an appropriate professional before they return to Malone University. Students may also be withdrawn for academic reasons, or be suspended for major policy violations. When students are withdrawn for academic failure, they may return to Malone when they can demonstrate that they have addressed whatever issues led to their academic struggles.