Honors Program

About the Honors Program at Malone University

The Honors Program at Malone University exists to support Malone’s intellectually-gifted and highly motivated students as they respond to Christ’s call to love God with heart, soul, strength, and mind.

Some features of the Program include:

  • The Honors Program is taught by passionate professors who are dedicated to both teaching and learning, and who themselves are strong scholars. Many have won the Distinguished Faculty Awards for Teaching and for Scholarship.
  • Honors classes require not more work, but a different kind of work: more primary texts and fewer spoon-fed generalizations, more projects, debated, and discussions and fewer exams.
  • Honors general education classes are smaller and more interactive than regular sections of those classes. Instead of a World History class of 45 students, for instance, the honors section might have 15-20.
  • The honors senior project (called the Honors Thesis) involves an independent study in an area of the student's choice, going beyond what can be accomplished in a single course. Students work closely with a faculty advisor and thesis committee, often forming mentoring relationships that extend beyond commencement.
  • Completing the Malone Honors Program adds only 10-13 credit hours to a student's academic curriculum, so it is easy to combine with virtually any program of study.
  • Co-curricular and social events are a perk of the Program! visits to museums, theatre, concerts, bonfires, and faculty homes help enrich the college experience.
  • Starting in the Fall of 2018, students who begin the Malone Honors Program as freshmen are eligible for a renewable scholarship of $1,000 per year. See the scholarship page for more details and application deadlines.