Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of furniture does the school provide?

There is a bed, desk, chair, dresser, drapes, overhead lights, and a desk light.

May I bring a loft?

Yes, a self-supporting loft may be built for rooms in Penn, Gurney, Barclay, Woolman, Whittier, and Fox Halls, after obtaining a Loft Permit from the Residence Life Staff upon arrival at Malone. Loft specifications include:

  • top surface must be at least 24" from the ceiling and at least 3' from the door
  • it may not interfere with any electrical or safety devices
  • lofts must be placed in the rooms within the first two weeks of the semester
  • all university furniture must remain in the room
  • mattresses are 36'' x 80''
  • lofts must be free-standing and not supported by university furniture

What do I need to know about bringing my own computer?

You will need a network, or Ethernet, card installed in your computer in order to access the Internet through Malone's network. Most recent models already come with this installed, if not they are available at the Bookstore and Information Technologies can install it for you. All residence halls are equipped with wireless internet. If your computer is not wireless capable, you will also need a network cord, which are also available in the Bookstore. Malone also has wireless capabilities in various other locations across campus.

What if I want or need a single room?

We do have single rooms available for incoming students.  These premium spaces are available for an additional $500/semester.  Simply mark your interest on your New Student Housing Questionnaire (under the Admissions-Candidate tabs on your Malone Xpress) and it will update in our system automatically.  If space becomes limited, the University will consolidate single rooms as needed (all those affected will be notified). All university furniture must stay in the room. 

Room Furnishings

Each residence hall contains a TV lounge, laundry facilities, and vending machines. Each room is provided with a bed, desk and chair, clothes closet and drawers, overhead light, desk light, and draperies (PGB & WWF) or vertical blinds (DH, HH, & LHH). All items are to remain in your room.

DeVol Hall (DH) 

A men's resident hall set up in suites, generally with six men to a suite. Suites have bedrooms, a bathroom and a common living area. Bedrooms are at least 10' x 11' 8", carpeted, and equipped with loftable furniture. Study rooms/lounges are located on each floor. DH has central air conditioning.

Blossom Hall (BH) 

A women's upperclassmen hall set up in suites, where two double rooms are joined by a shared bathroom. Rooms are generally 10' x 11' carpeted and equipped with loftable furniture. Study rooms and lounges are located on each floor.  BH has central air conditioning. 

Heritage (HH) 

Houses women who reside in suites, where two double rooms are joined by a shared bathroom. Rooms are generally 10' x 11' carpeted and equipped with loftable furniture. Study rooms and lounges are located on each floor.  HH has central air conditioning.

Haviland (LH) 

Houses men who reside in suites where two double rooms are joined by a shared bathroom. Each bedroom also has its own sink. Rooms are 10' x 11', carpeted, and equipped with loftable furniture. Study rooms and lounges are located on every floor.

Penn, Gurney, and Barclay (PGB) 

Three traditional men's residence halls joined together. PGB houses all the freshmen men and many upper-class men. As traditional residence halls, most rooms are doubles, although we do offer a few three and four person rooms. Bathrooms are shared by the residents of each corridor, and each floor has a common lounge. Rooms are approximately 16' 5" x 11', with window length being 51" x 94" width. PGB does not have central air conditioning.

Woolman, Whittier, and Fox (WWF)

Three traditional women's residence halls joined together. WWF houses all the freshman women and many upper-class women. Rooms vary slightly in size. Woolman Hall rooms are 15' 6" x 8' 8", with window dimensions of 37" length x 84" width. Whittier Hall rooms are 16' 6" x 8' 6", with window dimensions of 45" length x 84" width. Fox Hall rooms are 15' 3" x 9' 6" with window dimensions 52" length x 84" width. Most rooms are doubles, although there are some exceptions. Each corridor shares a large bathroom. WWF does not have central air conditioning. 

Door Dimensions

(Door to hallway, unless otherwise noted)

  • PGB - 30-5/8"
  • Heritage - 33-1/4"
  • DeVol - Hallway door: 33-1/4"
  • Suite Door: 29-1/2"
  • Haviland - 33"
  • Woolman and Fox - 29"
  • Whitter - 33"

Bed Dimensions

  • Heritage Hall: 81 1/2" x 36"
  • Fox and PGB Hall: 79 3/4" x 36 1/2" (not including tabs attached to wooden head & footboards app. 1 1/2")
  • Woolman/Whittier Hall: 81" x 36"

Room Modification


Students who wish to bring or build their own loft beds must submit a completed Loft Permit to the Resident Director. The structure will then be checked to see that it meets the University requirements and is safe. All lofts must be assembled within the first 2 weeks of each semester. Lofts are permitted in WWF and PGB only. All residence hall furniture must remain in the room throughout the entire academic year.

Restricted Modifications

  • Nothing anchored in the room may be detached from the wall or floor
  • No room modifications can extend out into the hallway
  • No modification may block a room entrance/exit. There must be at least 3' of clearance width
  • No filling of the walls, ceilings, floors, or woodwork, is permitted
  • No painting of the room, or any of is contents
  • Please do not block either the upper or lower vents of the room's heating unit
  • No nails are to be used in any university furniture, wall, ceiling, or floor